IMTreatment - A fields study package

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This module has been written to carry out analysis and more specifically structure detection on PIV velocity fields. It is now more general and can handle different kind of data (point cloud, scalar and vector field, …) and perform classical and more advanced analysis on them (spectra, pod, post-processing, visualization, …).

Hosted on FramaGit.

Full documentation available on ReadTheDocs.

General data analysis

  1. Class representing 2D fields of 1 component (ScalarField)
  2. Class representing 2D fields of 2 components (VectorField)
  3. Classes representing sets of scalar fields vector fields (SpatialScalarFields, TemporalScalarFields, SpatialVectorFields and TemporalVectorFields)
  4. Class representing profiles (Profile)
  5. Class representing scatter points (Points)
  6. Module for modal decomposition (POD, DMD) and reconstruction (pod)
  7. Module to import/export data from/to Davis, matlab, ascii, pivmat and images files (file_operation)
  8. Functionalities to visualize those data (plotlib)

Flow analysis

  1. Module to create artificial vortices: Burger, Jill, Rankine, … and to simulate their motion in potential flows (vortex_creation)
  2. Module providing several vortex criterions computation (vortex_criterions)
  3. Module to automatically detect and track critical points (vortex_detection)
  4. Module to compute the evolution of some vortex properties (vortex_properties)
  5. Module to generate potential flows with arbitrary geometries (potential_flow)



  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • scipy
  • unum
  • modred


  • sklearn (to work with point clustering)
  • networkx (to use force-directed algorithms to compare trajectories)
  • colorama (to have a nice interface when manipulating files)
  • h5py (allow to import data from pivmat files)


You can run pip install 'git+' from the shell.

You can try to run the tests with, but the test suite is not plateform-independent yet, and should fail miserably.

If you intend to modify this package, store it some place safe and install it as a developement package with python develop.


IMTreatment is documented inline and in ReadTheDocs. you can also use to locally build the html doc.

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